Wednesday, March 18, 2015


It was a long night, followed by a long morning.
At 10:35 I'm in agony that it is STILL morning. The same doggone one.

This is how the morning started.

But to my relief it was chocolate.
To my horror, daughter two had the same issue....unrelated to chocolate in any way.
I shall hold my hand over my mouth to resist saying what I'd really like to say right now.

Laundry. Screaming. Breakfast burned. House destroyed.

But I reminded myself that God is doing something beautiful here even if I can't see it now. So, I gave my self a survival task of taking pictures of beauty surrounding me.

Tiny hands

Colored gifts

Encouraging friends dropping beauty in my life

Friends who get it and give accordingly,
Don't worry, these will not enter any beds tonight.

And last but not least

AKA, Promoter of World Peace

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