Wednesday, March 11, 2015



We made it.

One month in China, taking my 9 year old as my support person.

Adopting two girls who are completely blind, non verbal and really as helpless as infants.

Four cities in a foreign country.

Countless trips to aeon, walmart, trust mart, rt-mart.

The girls screamed a total combined 13 of the 15 hour flight back to the States.

My sanity is officially gone, gone, gone.


We survived.


1.Earplugs ya'll. And sometimes earbuds with music, loud music.

2.Sugar. I was sugar free before China.


Sugar is such a blessing.

3.Coffee with friends

4.Meals from the most amazing church ever

5.A new goal of saying five nice things to the spouse every day

That's to counteract the grumpiness that jetlag and sleepless nights and adjusting to two new kids brings.

Marriage is the Devil's playground. We've banned him from ours.

6.Keurig on repeat. ALL.DAY.LONG.

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