Wednesday, March 25, 2015

When Mom Rocks

"Mom, sliding in the house is the BEST."

"Thank You, Mommy."

"This is so fun!"

My house is a mess. Like, if you show up at my door I will refuse entry type of mess.

Food is scattered on the floor from a big brother dumping cereal out for Evers to eat off the floor.

School is all over the kitchen table. 

Dinner from last night is still sitting on the stove.

But, the kids think I ROCK!!!

Want to know my secret?

I sprayed Pledge on the wood floor, threw some sofa cushions against the end wall and TADAAAAAA!!!!!

Slip N Slide in the house, Friends!

P.S. I totally count this as P.E. for today.

P.S.S. Daddy walked in early for lunch today and said, "You know Pledge isn't good for the floor, right?" And I said, "You know you weren't supposed to see this, right?!?"

Ahem....he totally slid down the hallways himself and giggled like a school girl the entire way. 

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