Monday, June 22, 2015

Being Branded

Fallen, hard, impossible, failure, pain, agony, rain, tears, lonely, inadequate.

These words were subtly whispered. I felt their slight breeze as they sneaked into small cracks of my heart but never recognized when they made themselves at home. They were small and subtle and I thought nothing of them until all of them combined  and together found strength in my exhaustion. Together, as one whole, they stood as an intangible force intent on becoming my ruin. They worked so hard to become words with importance, with weight, words that could define my soul. They were eager to finish their work. 

Before I even had time to recognize their existence they left me broken and bruised. Whispering their own names over and over again in my heart, they found solace in creating misery, every action creating a branding on my soul. Ever so slowly I noticed changes, a head that couldn’t lift itself all the way, tears that constantly begged for release, insecurities and lips that leaked poison.

I can’t say that they don’t deserve their day in the spotlight, because at one point or another in the last week they have all had moments of defining a hard truth in my life. However, I can say that they deserve clothing, covering, and smothering. 

Because one man, God in flesh, bled for their destruction. 

Truth meet the One who defined you. 

He left me branded with one word, one beautiful, glorious word. 


Today I choose to clothe myself in mercy, sweet,blanketing and smothering mercy. I wrap my wounded, shameful soul in this gift that the cross has left for me.  Despite the words that deserve to be branded on my name, I choose to grasp the one that leaves me humbled and knowing that I can never be abandoned. 

Mercy is branded on top of my name. 

I choose one over the thousands. 

I choose mercy. 

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