Friday, June 5, 2015

The Anatomy of an IEP

Days before, weeks before, you begin to research.
Because, frankly, you are an awesome, rockin', momma.

Because you have these amazing kids who 
deserve every ounce of who you are
to help them become every ounce of who 
they can be.

You beautify and try to look professional.
Probably changing a million shirts because they 
all definitely have some sort of kid stain.

And then, THEN, you remember to forget it all.
Your kid is at stake. Time to gear up and 
take on this IEP

You arrive to the meeting place.

You inevitably find these members:

The one who looks like you did before your third shower.

The one you feel sorry for in the way that you
are sure she has had the kind of day that you probably call normal.
Still, your sympathy is with that one. 

The one who is geared up and ready to fight with you
and for you 
and against all the others who dare to cross paths with her.

The fashionista. Enough said.

And the one who is totally, 100% off their rocker.

And you secretly think to yourself that this 
more or less sums up the group of you.

 You work together.

At some point around the halfway mark your mind wanders.

Around the one hour mark you see this happening around 
the table.

And then this... 

which ends in this...

The two hour mark finds you feeling like this.


Then just as you are about to give up on life...

The objectives and goals begin and the end is in sight.
Which is good because you have resorted to this.

And wondering if there are any of these,

And you feel as old as this...

And then you remind yourself why you are there and 
what you are working towards, your child's future.
So, you find yourself thankful for all the time everyone
has taken to put into this.
And you get in your car to go home.

Which actually looks a lot more like this,

At long last you arrive home,

To study everything you just learned,

Because they are always worth it.

P.S. In case you think I exaggerate. I just came home yesterday from a four.hour.IEP. 
My girls were and always will be worth every second of that time.
And I handled it,

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